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by Virocracy

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Omen 00:53
Initio 05:01
Approaching the chaos Where a mission was wrecked Dark horizons over no man’s land Watch the earth bleed black We will never surrender Rebellion on the rise Against a lavish society In a world shaped by demise Calls the nocturnal veil to me To show a sacred place A grotesque scene strikes the eye As through the somber trees I gaze Contaminated Not willing To surrender The inexcusable curse Sudden sickness taking over Lifetime in reverse Victims of failure Control was lost Decease into chaos
Rane 06:07
I breathe vengeance I connect only through rage No compassion for your self-made ruin Excavated with a throwaway spade All options shattered By the doom of human life Countless souls are wasting away Under a greenhouse sky While the wind sighs in the deadwood Circling over a radiating grave And the nocturnal sea breeze Forms the styro-foaming waves All options shattered By the doom of human life I’d rather burn in purest hatred Than perish in a lie I find comfort in darkness The resentment feeds my starving heart Baptised in tribulation In my cathedral of wrath Every new existence Another nail in the coffin
Seed beams corrupt the strands Phase of death that cells can't withstand Dig deep, with teeth and with hands Void from breath that mankind has sent Finite state of mind A quick dose x-ray Humankind Victorious While I glanced one time A green glow blinded Vulnerable eyes Walking Ghost Cold is the world once so bright Stripped all chance to survive Though signs seem to decline All there is to decide Deliberate for the last time Precious gift that stole all time The walking ghosts approach the line Radiant souls so bright Try to abide By the fate that comes for us Shattered on our flight Through years that build on lies A spiral shaped by decay Further we sink To vanish with the passing day The fragile soul of mine lies bare That left this mortal case Feeding fear with poisoned echoes Then leaving without a trace Can’t deny that all there’s left are few days to live Can’t deny that all there’s left are five days to live Won’t deny that all there’s left is revenge to give Won’t deny that all there’s left is waste all radioactive
Solitude 06:03
Stumbling through the wasteland Blurred vision, falling night Critters lurking in the scrub Before their final flight Shattered by the cold grasp of the end At the gates of non-existence A skewed reality Nothing as it seems Caged in the most malicious dream All by myself, wasting away From remembrance Just like we all once will Karma falls in cycles Cascades on me And life is being spilled Staring into the eyes Of tomorrow's pale face While the void stretches out Over this soulless place Drawn to eternal blackness All light consumed Seducing darkness On hollow grounds A swamp of memories Devoured by fire Lost generations Deluded kin Immiseration Disrupted within
Dysplasia 06:25
Stored in a remote tomb Buried in a cloak of silence Soon swallowed by nature’s gorge But not forgiven in a thousand years A temple made from concrete walls The grotto of a divine invention Still praying to the gamma god Until he lets us sense his wrath Inhabitants of sector death The ones who could survive the impact Giving birth to bizarre creations Hiding well from human eyes Their grotesque limbs pointing to the sky Towering dust cloud, silent witness Still praying to the gamma god Until he lets us sense his wrath We are fragments of a bygone life Waiting to be sacrificed While the earth’s crumbling In front of our eyes One can never be forgotten Invisible undying force Paralysed, deformed and staring Into the abyss of remorse
Incarnation 07:22
Beyond the heaviest of doors I come to light to tread the flood Swim to the edge I barely reach The ice I clutch at melts while I freeze No sign in sight I do believe My heart’s not gone and feels relief I shall return - beyond repair Just empty words but their despair Beneath the deepest of all seas I walk away from all disease I reign the earth, all life and get The lives of those who wish her death Breathe in the dust of decay Incarnation Grown to survive our last fall Breathe out the flames of their pain Incarnation Born for this very last call We live the infinite high of the fathomless Abyss below A crack in the sky where the flame used to be - burning out Hypervirulent atmosphere, threatening sky, fatal breath Slowly memories swoon as they enter the sphere of the spiral of death Spiral of Death Fly into depth Arms all enwreathed Grab unto that what's left - none Reborn - a vicious cycle Eternal abandonment
Pure hatred ruled my mortal days Strife-stained blood of mine Hollowness leads me down The one-way road of time You shall not take abandoned trails Where death throws its cope Under black and furrowed skies Bleeds out your long gone hope Staring through these empty eyes Eventually turning blind Forming thoughts on how to end Within this twisted mind All hope denied Void unfurls now Destined to die Blind and hollow Buried in a rotten cave Lies an abhorrent truth This heart left to bleed out Will suffer death in proof The blackened day Gives way to night A bottomless pit Of nothing but Human failure My last lawless night now breeds One final bastard morn An outlaw dissolving from A society forlorn Ruled by anger and endless greed Controversial and torn Crying out, a poisoned echo Breaks way through the morn And so the void Is taking its toll As on vacant Pathways I stroll No voice left to speak with In soulful tongues This heart is spread wide open To the top of my lungs I am the lure Left unnamed No hope for justice I will perish in vain
Forgotten 01:24


The album is a concept album that critically examines the role of humans in the environment. It tells a story from the perspective of the main character known as Rane.

Rane lives alone and does not care about others. The only passion is the love for nature, for which they stick to nothing, which makes them end up in an extreme realm. After a dedicated ecoterrorist attack, Rane suffers an enormous irradiation dose and has only five days left to live. Should they abandon all convictions or break down all boundaries? A phase of illness full of illusions is followed by a brief improvement (walking ghost period), which causes Rane to lapse into hybris. Shortly thereafter, however, the radiation disease returns and leads to lonely death.


released March 20, 2020

Anika ov Moseberg - Vocals
Alexander Jelinek - Guitars
Jan Heidelberger - Guitars
Alejandro Serrano Martinez - Drums
Florian Betz - Bass

Vocals and Drums recorded at Hard Drive Sounds Studio, Stuttgart
Mixed and mastered by Iguana Studios, March
Released via MDD/Black Sunset

Cover art by Justin Abraham
CD design by Thomas Bernhardt
Photos by Denis Mörgenthaler Photography

All music written and performed by Virocracy
Lyrics by Anika Ov Moseberg and Alexander Jelinek
Spoken Words on RANE and WALKING GHOST by Thilo Hatscher
Original bass line on SOLITUDE written by Markus von Berg


all rights reserved



Virocracy Stuttgart, Germany

VIROCRACY, founded in mid-2018, is a progressive death and thrash metal experience. Each song is handmade and does not resort to redundancy or gap filling. The band is dominated by an aggression that constantly develops through different tempos and rhythms within the songs, steadily taking on new forms like a virus.

The music stirs and drives the listener with its dark atmosphere.
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